Beet Root & Lemon (1/2 gal)


    Beetroot is a root vegetable and a superfood compact with nutritional value.  Provides batalanes ( Free radical scavenger) Vitamin A, minerals, electrolytes, Antioxidants ( Boost immune system), Zinc Folate and rich in polyphenols(boosts fertility for both). It is delicious and fits well in a balanced diet. Overall it reduces oxidative stress, boosts stamina, physical agility, and slows cognitive decline.

    Lemon is one of the highest used fruits throughout the world. It is popular and highly effective in culinary use.  It optimizes immune health to alkalinity and prevents illness due to its high vitamin C content.

    Beetroot and lemon - Beets a bulbous sweet root vegetable and a superfood that is loaded with nitrates to boost stamina and overall performance.  The blend with lemon creates a powerful tangy root flavor and high nutritional content that provides an energy boost.

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